Zorph is a distant planet that you have never heard of because I made it up. Many of my character designs are based there. Not all Zorphian life has been discovered yet, but here is what we know:

Thnurmiotts are among Zorph's multiple intelligent species. They live in small villages in the planet's forests and plains and spend most of their time chopping down trees because that's mostly what their one pendulum-like arm is good for. They are heavily dependent on phneerges for most other manual tasks.

They mostly eat grasses and other vegetation through small mouths on the bottom of their feet. Visiting astrobiologists from Earth didn't notice these for many years after discovering the thnurmiotts and were initially very confused as to how they did not starve.

The Mebe is a mindless (living) eating machine. It doesn't care what it eats, but lives in the same environments as the thnurmiotts, which creates a problem for them. Fortunately, it is not very fast.

The Anotragon is loved by the Thnurmiotts just as much as the Mebe is feared. Probably because it only eats them when they invite it to, which they really don't have to do at all. 

Sporgs are a semi-sentient animal/plant that lives throughout Zorph and does most things. It can do most things because it can change it's shape to whatever purpose it has at the moment. Unfortunately, it is not intelligent enough to use this ability to not be eaten by Mebes, Anotragons, and other predators.

Phneerges are the most helpful living things in the universe, so you probably already know about them. You may not know that they originally come from Zorph, where they are trained to do all sorts of helpful things by the Thnurmiotts. Here on Earth, we can only obtain replicas of them, but they are still very useful.



The Yuruntish Warriors live in the marshlands of Zorph, where they would rather just be left alone. Unfortunately, they are constantly fighting to defend themselves and their land due mostly to a misunderstanding of their anatomy.